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2022 Season Race Pass

2022 Season Race Pass

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This is for 5% off of (10) 2022 Season WRS XC races and (1) 2022 Season WRS XCB Races.  Regular pre-registration price for 10 XC races is $170, and $25 for 1 XCB race.  1 number plate included with this pass purchase ($5 value).  You may gift this to another person, but the races are non-transferrable, meaning that they will be tied to the first person that uses the purchased pass.  No refunds for missed races, unless we do not hold 11 races in the 2022 season.

With this deal, you will not need to register for each individual race.  We will contact you before the 1st race of the season, to find out which category you will race in.  You will still need to fill out the waivers for each venue, but we will have your registration completed for each event.

If you are a High School/Devo Team rider, that discount is a better deal than this.

How to Register and Use Your Pass Code - Instructional Videos

Registering for the first time, or the first time this year.

Registering after the first time of the year, and already purchased a number plate.