Next Race - June 26th - Sundance XC Race

Current Results - 2024 WRS

*PLEASE REMEMBER THAT CORRECTIONS IN THE RESULTS MUST BE MADE BEFORE THE NEXT RESULTS UPDATE OR THE STANDINGS STAY AS THEY ARE*  If you have a dispute with the results, send us a message here.  Typically results are posted the following day after an event.  We generally post to our Facebook page to let everyone know they are updated.
"If you place in the top 3 in 6 XC races you will be moved up to the next category. If you place 1st in 3 of the XC races you will be moved up to the next category."  If this rule requires a review for enforcement with you, your name will be highlighted in red on the series results.
"When graduating to a higher category ½ of your overall points are carried with you, ½ of your points for each category you move up.  If moving down a category, or moving up from beginner, points do not follow."

On the Series Results option, to assist with your current status on the 8 race eligibility requirement for season points and finale raffle, the listed number of races will display in red for 1-6 races. When you complete 7 races, the color will change to yellow, and when you have completed 8 or more, the color will be green, meaning that you are good to go.

If there is no place or plate number showing by your name, you are currently racing in another category.  Go to that category to get your current series standings.

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