Next Race - May 29th - Sundance XC Race



Racer check-in for XC and XCB races is from 5:30 p.m. to 6:20 p.m. at each venue with racing starting promptly at 6:30 p.m.  Please try to arrive early so we can start the races in a timely manner.

Kids races start at 5:30 p.m. on the designated days, and will run prior to the XC or XCB events. A release form must be filled out for each kid participating in the kids races. We will be on site with release forms starting at 5:00 p.m.


Season number plate: One time $5 fee, $5 for a replacement or category change
Each race (XC) – Other then Mountain Biathlon: $17
Mountain Biathlon race (XCB): $25
No Additional Fees at Online Checkout for Registration or # Plates
Kid's races are free of charge
(Kids races are roughly 10-30 minutes long.  No awards are given, and they aren’t entered into the raffle.  This is a just for fun event to give the kids some experience.)



Other than the Sundance waiver, your waivers are approved and accepted at the time you place your online order.  Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent or legal guardian complete the registration in order for the minor to race.


Typically the race course is not marked until the day of the race.  And some of the courses are on private property.  For those reasons, pre-ride is not typically available until the day of the race @ 5:00 pm when registration/rider check-in time begins.  If a pre-ride time is available on the private land courses, we will make an announcement through our newsletter or Facebook channels.

When races are on open trails, you are welcome to pre-ride on your own at any time, but you will need to follow a posted race map found in the event details, and changes to the course might happen at the last minute.

When kids races are being held, you will need to stay off of the course being used for that race.  Those races start at 5:30 pm and are typically over by 6:00 pm.


All participants must wear an approved helmet in order to participate or pre-ride the courses.


Number plates must be used to participate in any of the races and are non-transferable.  Number plates are valid only for the current race year and may not be carried over from year to year.  They are also only available for the category you originally registered for.  They may be purchased for a cost of $5/per plate per season per category.  Obtaining a season race number is the first step in qualifying individual racers for weekly, year end, and point series prizes and drawings, as well as being included in the results.  It is the responsibility of each racer to remember his/her season number plate each week and to have it attached to his/her bike in a location readily visible to the race timers and organizers.  Lost or forgotten plates may be replaced at a cost of $5/plate.  Once a plate has been replaced, the new plate must be used from that point to the end of the season.

Sponsors with free race codes are not required to have a number plate to participate in the races each week, but in order to qualify for year end prizes and other drawings, as well as being included in the race results, a race plate must be purchased for each participant.

Category changes will require the purchase of a new number plate, and will need approval in writing prior to changing a category.  Category change requests must be received via email to races at weeklyraceseries dot com, or via our contact page, by noon on the Monday prior to the race.  If changes are attempted after this time, you will have to race in the category of your previous registration, or receive a DNF for the race.


In many WRS races, multiple laps are required, and many times multiple lap lengths are required.  For example, (2) full laps, and (1) half lap.  Unless noted otherwise in the race specifics, the full laps would be completed before doing the partial laps.  If the laps are done out of order, your race results would be considered as a DNF.


No more pull tags for our races.  With the change to auto timing, the number plate is required.  No number, no registration, no time.


Weekly Prizes – Each week we have a prize raffle drawing for all eligible participants in that week’s race.  All eligible participants have an equal chance to win one of the great prizes donated by our generous sponsors each week.  You must be present to win.

Finale Raffle – At the end of the year we have a finale raffle for eligible participants (see below).  This raffle has some great prizes; for those who qualify there is usually a Fuji mountain or cross bike, season pass to Sundance, overnight stays at various resorts, and other great prizes.

Points Series Prizes – Those who qualify as one of the top 3 in each category, and are eligible, could receive product gift certificates, free race entries, or cash from some of our great sponsors.  The beginner category is not eligible for the points series prizes.


Disputes in timing and weekly standings must be cleared up before the next WRS race or they will stay as posted in the results.  For any disputes for the previous race, contact us here.  This goes for participation in races as well as rankings since eligibility for the finale prize drawing and season points race are contingent on the posted results sheet.

If a race is disputed, the involved riders must provide access to a GPS file such as those found on Strava, showing total distance, total elevation, and map, to prove completeness of race.  If such a file is incomplete or not provided, the rider will receive a DNF for that race.


You must participate in at least 8 races, either XC or XCB, to qualify for the finale raffle.  Each race after 8 will earn the participant 1 additional raffle ticket to be entered into the finale raffle.  The 8 race policy is a firm policy.  Please keep track of your race participation on the results sheet and make sure you do not miss by just one, and please do not ask to be the exception to this rule.  You must be present to win.


We encourage continuous participation in the series.  To qualify as a season points race top 3 winner you must have participated in at least 8 races. You must be present to win.


The mountain biathlon event now held at the EUCLID Trails is one of the most fun events of the series.  It combines a short, high adrenaline mountain bike course with Olympic style range shooting.  Each participant races around the designated course, comes into the shooting range, does his/her best at hitting 5 targets with 5 pellets shot from air guns provided by Euclid Outdoors then races back out onto the course for another lap.  Those who do not hit all five targets do a small penalty lap for each target missed before re-entering the regular race course loop.  Depending on your category and lap length, you will do between 1-5 laps around the race course and shooting range.  You will shoot at the range after each lap you do.

A safety meeting is held just before race start time on biathlon event days.  During the safety meeting participants receive all the general and safety instructions they will need to enjoy this great event.  No special equipment or knowledge is required to participate in this event, just regular race clothing.  Air guns and pellets are provided by Euclid Outdoors, no personal air guns or other biathlon shooting equipment is allowed at this event.


There are 11 racing categories to choose from.  Men and Women are combined in the non-women categories.

Category selection should be made based on your overall performance regardless of what category you race in other events such as ICUP races. Generally speaking racers participating in ICUP events on a regular basis will race up a category in our series. The overall theory behind the categories in our events is to provide similar levels of competition for all participants. If you place in the top 3 in 6 races you will be moved up to the next category. If you place 1st in 3 of the races you will be moved up to the next category. We do consider category size, and time of nearby riders when moving a racer from a category.  If you graduate to the next category, you earn a free number plate, and a loss in points.  Since there are no prizes for placing each week there should be no reason for racers to “sandbag”.  Even the year end points competition is generally won by those who have consistently participated in the races throughout the season not by those who have placed in the top 5 at just a few races.  (You can move back to the category you had graduated, by emailing WRS or sending us a message through the website, but if you continue to race in the graduated category you will not be eligible for the series points race).  Please review your last year’s results and see which category will provide the best fit for personal progress and competition.  See points information below.

Category changes will require the purchase of a new number plate, and will need approval in writing prior to changing a category.  Category change requests must be received via email to races at weeklyraceseries dot com, or via our contact pageby noon on the Monday prior to the race.  If changes are attempted after this time, you will have to race in the category of your previous registration, or receive a DNF for the race.

  • Pro - Riders with excellent riding skills and can ride real fast (Top Varsity / Top JVA)
  • Semi-Pro - Riders with excellent riding skills and can ride fast (Varsity / JVA / Top Freshman)
  • Expert A - Conditioned riders with great skills a need for speed and competition (JVA / JVB / Freshman A)
  • Pro/Expert Women - For women with great handling skills and a love for speed (Varsity / JVA / Top Freshman)
  • Expert B - Riders with good handling skills and a need for speed (JVC / JVD / Freshman B)
  • Expert C - Riders with good handling skills and a need for speed, slowest expert lvl (JVE / Freshman C)
  • Sport A - For those that want a little more competition then Sport B (JVE / Freshman C / Top JD)
  • Sport B - For those that have riding experience and need a challenge (SLR / Mid JD)
  • Sport Women - For women with some trail experience and a taste for speed (JVB / Freshman)
  • Junior - For 12-15 year olds with more experience and drive then beginner (Back JD)
  • Beginner - For those that want a little taste of the sport and gain some experience

HS/DEVO Team Rider - This is not a category, but is an entry discount available on all XC races.  The High School/DEVO Team Rider discount applies only to students currently on a high school/devo team (Suggested NICA category listed in parenthesis above)


Points are accumulated as follows:
When graduating to a higher category ½ of your overall points are carried with you, ½ of your points for each category you move up.  If moving down a category, or moving up from beginner, points do not follow.

Place Points
1 80
2 73
3 66
4 59
5 54
6 49
7 44
8 39
9 36
10 33
11 30
12 27
13 24
14 21
15 18
16 15
17 12
18 9
19 7
20 5
21 3
22 - # of racers 2