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2024 Waivers & Releases Approval

2024 Waivers & Releases Approval

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This product is for season pass holders that need to approve the waivers & releases for the 2024 season.

This is a $0 dollar item, which is required to go through the checkout and be able to agree to the Waivers and Releases for this WRS race series.  You will need to add this to your cart for each racer that is participating in the series, so we have the rider name, age, and category.  As of now, Sundance will still have their separate online waiver, which will be posted as we get that updated URL.

Simply add this product to your cart, for each rider, and go through the checkout.  Read all waivers and releases, as they are legally binding.


Pro - Riders with excellent riding skills and can ride real fast (Top Varsity / Top JVA)
Semi-Pro - Riders with excellent riding skills and can ride fast (Varsity / JVA / Top Freshman)
Expert A - Conditioned riders with great skills a need for speed and competition (JVA / JVB / Freshman A)
Pro/Expert Women - For women with great handling skills and a love for speed (Varsity / JVA / Top Freshman)
Expert B - Riders with good handling skills and a need for speed (JVC / JVD / Freshman B)
Expert C - Riders with good handling skills and a need for speed, slowest expert lvl (JVE / Freshman C)
Sport A -
 For those that want a little more competition then Sport B (JVE / Freshman C / Top JD)

Sport B - For those that have riding experience and need a challenge (SLR / Mid JD)
Sport Women - For women with some trail experience and a taste for speed (JVB / Freshman)
Junior - For 12-15 year olds with more experience and drive then beginner (Back JD)
Beginner - For those that want a little taste of the sport and gain some experience
HS/DEVO Team Rider - High School/DEVO Team Rider discount applies only to students currently on a high school/devo team (Suggested NICA category listed in parenthesis above)